String orchestras

We provide 2 string ensembles - Senior Strings (Grade 4 and above) and Simply Strings (beginners to Grade 3)

Pop-up Ensembles

Throughout the year we run a series of workshops and single rehearsal events, including:

Summer Schools

The two day course is designed for young players of approximately grade one to grade four standard. Players do not need to have previous large ensemble experience or to have taken a grade examination but they must be able to read music to the appropriate standard.


We have 3 windband ensembles - Junior (Grade 1 to Grade 3), Intermediate (Grades 3/5) and Senior (Grade 5 and above)


NEMCO provides a range of musical ensembles for children and adults throughout the city.

Rehearsal Dates

Rehearsals for the Nemco Ensembles will take place on the following dates:

Fees to attend are £28 per term

Rehearsal Venue: Sacred Heart High School, Fenham, NE4 9YH     Time: 9.45am - 11.45am

Concert: 4th Dec 2017 (Strings) and 5th Dec 2017 (Wind)

Apply To Join An Ensemble

Click here to apply to join our city ensembles

NEMCO Polo Shirts

NEMCO has a white polo shirt, with the NEMCO logo, available for purchase. These are not compulsory but the majority of performers wear them at concerts.

Payment is required in advance and should be sent with the completed order form to the NEMCO Office. Shirts will be available for collection on a Saturday rehearsal.

Prices are as follows: Children’s sizes  £8.00  Adult sizes  £12.00

Download Polo Shirt Order Form
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