NEMCO's fees Jan 2022 - 31st Aug 2022

There are two methods by which service users can opt to pay for lessons.(Some schools operate a hybrid of these two methods to suit their needs e.g. if they require school ensemble tuition)


Schools can be invoiced termly at an hourly rate. Some schools choose to recoup some or all of these costs from the pupils. Contact the Nemco office for further details.

Direct invoicing to parents Jan 2022 - 31st Aug 2022

The fees for Instrumental tuition per lesson are as follows:

Small Group Lessons - £6.80

Paired Lessons (20 min)- £7.45 (30 min)- £9.95

Individual Lessons (20 min) - £12.20

Individual Lessons (30 min) - £16.65

Registration fee (only paid once when a new pupil is registered with NEMCO): £12.00 should be given to the NEMCO tutor along with your signed contract. Music lessons cannot commence until this has been done.

On receipt of your registration fee and contract you will be sent an invoice. This will offer you the opportunity of paying monthly by standing order or termly by cheque/postal order or credit/debit card.

Monthly payment by standing order: If you wish to pay by standing order, complete and sign the mandate on the bottom of the invoice and return to NEMCO within 14 days of the invoice date. Failure to do so will result in a postponement of lessons. NEMCO will then send the completed mandate to your bank and payment for lessons will be debited from your account monthly.

Termly payment by Bank payment/cheque/postal order/card payment: If you opt to pay termly, please send a cheque /postal orders for the amount requested, made payable to NEMCO Ltd. Do not send cash. Details for bank payments are shown on your invoice. Please note our payment terms are 14 days from the invoice date. Failure to make payment within this timescale will result in a postponement of lessons.

Cancellation of lessons: Lessons can only be stopped at half term or term end. Notice to cancel lessons must be given a full half term in advance of either half term or the term end. Notice must be given by letter or email to the NEMCO office AND to the instrumental teacher. Instrument Loan/Maintenance fees are non refundable.

Use of a NEMCO instrument Jan 2022 - 31st Aug 2022

NEMCO endeavours to supply instruments to schools for pupil use. Where this is not possible please contact NEMCO for further information regarding rental and purchase schemes.

Should an instrument be supplied by NEMCO a small fee of £11.50 per term for string instruments or £18.00 per term for wind instruments is levied to cover the cost of maintenance and repair. If your child is using a NEMCO instrument the fee of £11.50 or £18.00 per term will be automatically generated and shown on your invoice.

Please inform NEMCO immediately should your child stop using a NEMCO instrument, so that:

You can pay your invoice online using a credit or debit card. Payments are made through www.paypal.com. As the payment amount is not fixed, Paypal refers to this being a donation.

When you click the logo below, a new window will open with the Paypal site.

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Should you have any problems, please contact us.

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